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Burned Bridges

Common wisdom suggests we should avoid burning a bridge. Taken at surface value, the counsel seems straight forward. It is true we will serve ourselves and others better if we do not burn bridges.

Mindful poise demands that we are aware of our role when confronted with a burning bridge. This means acknowledging the burning bridge but also exploring deeper.

Sometimes, we haven’t started the fire. Sometimes, it births from the other side. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, it continues to be fueled by forces beyond us.

Sometimes, the bridge we are trying to save leads to a city of ruins populated by arsonists.

In such situations, the advice needs to be adjusted to avoid a burning bridge. In other words, we shouldn’t burn bridges, but we also shouldn’t force ownership of the fire upon ourselves.

Of course, the transient nature of life also demands that we revisit after the fire has settled, so we may rebuild again (whatever that looks like).


*Featured image, shot by Giancarlo Revolledo​


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