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Working on and eventually putting out the winter iteration of my ‘Styled Through The Season’ has got me thinking about layers. Not just in the realm of garb but at a much deeper level.

In these initial days of 2023, my awareness has been extended to how things are rarely what they appear to be. That there are layers to people, situations, and life. In a multifaceted world, it pays to build a practice of allowing the essence beyond layers to reveal itself. To keep our poise as what is reveals itself and things become clear.

Interestingly this aligns well with the Hegelian dialectic method that I have been incorporating into my mindfulness practice. The thesis of today shall give way to the antithesis of tomorrow, and together they shall beget synthesis.

Whether we draw inspiration from an onion, a jumper, a song, an iceberg, or a philosopher, the layers (and the writing on the wall) are hard to ignore.

Belshazzar's Feast by Rembrandt (National Gallery, London)


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