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Music has been a key component of my life since moving. After years of neglect during the corporate years, it has been fulfilling to give time to it. Just as I spend a considerable amount of time reading as part of my process to inform and build my sensibilities as a writer, I have tried to do by listening to music.

As I have immersed myself in music, it’s been hard not to reflect on my journey. I remember being mesmerized (and frustrated) while learning different instruments when I was a kid. I remember sleepless teen nights spent writing songs. And, I remember traveling hundreds of kilometers to the nearest city, where stores stocked CDs of my favorite albums.

Eventually, my reflections led me back to the present. I could not help but marvel at the fact that I practically had every song I would want to listen to fit in the palm of my hand. My marvel would cease, except I knew something bigger was coming - Lossless.

As a musician, being able to listen to my favorite music at lossless quality from the convenience of my smartphone is priceless. It is a source of joy, inspiration, strength, and peace. Needless to say, I have been spending quite a bit of time listening to music since Lossless was made live on Apple Music.

It has helped me feel lossless in a phase of life where loss demands to be confronted regularly (something I intend to open up about in a long-form essay I’m working on.)

If you are an Apple Music user, I highly recommend checking the Lossless and Spatial Audio features. Here is a selection of three must-listen albums released in 2021 that are available at the Lossless and Dolby Atmos standards.

1. How Long Do You Think It’s Gonna Last by Big Red Machine

2. Stereo Lovin’ by Jungle

3. Home by Rhye


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