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My First Purchase After A Year On A No-Spend Pledge

As some of you might already be aware, I spent the entire 2018 on a no-spend pledge. This period enabled me to build a deeper understanding of my wardrobe. I was able to uncover what worked for me and what didn’t. It also proved useful in helping me reconnect with the stories behind the clothes I owned; something I realized fast-fashion encouraged neglect of.

In 2019, I decided to build upon this momentum by committing to adding no more than 12 new pieces throughout the entire year. The idea was to prioritize sustainable ways of adding variety to my wardrobe such as borrowing, thrifting, swapping, mending, and making. I aimed to buy only 12 select, high quality, well researched new pieces from sustainable + ethical brands. I wanted to be mindful of my consumption, as I felt there would be nothing sustainable about going on a shopping spree with sustainable + ethical brands.

I remember being told about Doodlage in a conversation with someone I met at a spiritual retreat. This was before I had begun my journey with sustainable + ethical fashion and I was extremely impressed by their aesthetic and for incorporating sustainable practices into their operations. Before I could buy something from them, I ended up committing to a no-spend pledge and although I never intended for it to last a year, it did. This meant I had to wait a long time to buy something from Doodle (1.4 years to be precise).


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