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Visual Journal, April 2024

Visual Journal is a new series which serves as a visual way for me to document (and share) what is happening with me. It also serves as a reminder that nothing is ordinary and that the beauty of life reveals itself despite the chaos if we slow down.


It has been a focused start to April. I was able to make progress both with creative work and setting up the new home. To kick start the month, I shared some music. I have also working on making tweaks to the website including a slightly reimagined "Words" section with dedicated spaces for poetry and essays.

With the new home in the city, I managed to get it partially repainted (skipped the bedroom + studio) and finally have an air-conditioner again (I had left mine behind when I left the city few years ago and haven’t had one since.)

I was also glad to make a couple of quick trips to my hometown to pick up and drop off a few things as well as take care of pending tasks there. I was able to spend some time in the rural settings through the recent full moon, which was really nice. While in the city, it has also been nice to be briefly catch up with Bombay friends as they visited town (the kinda spontaneous hangs I missed while living exclusively in rural settings.)

I am hoping to visit the city soon, but for now the heat is way too intense to add travel to the mix. I am staying cool, hydrated, and at home.


*Please note that the write-up is structured chronologically while the images below are structured in reverse chronological order



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