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Visual Journal, August 2023

Visual Journal is a new series in which I document slow moments of joy, beauty, inspiration, and wisdom I come across in my everyday life in a dominantly visual format. My hope for the series is for it to serve as a visual way to share what is happening with me as well as serve as a reminder that nothing is ordinary and that the beauty of life reveals itself despite the chaos if we slow down.


It's that time of the year again... when everything turns lush green. When you wake to the sight of raindrops against the window sill. And when there is a near-constant breeze for a companion. Monsoon has arrived (although not in its full force yet) and I have enjoyed absorbing it both outdoors and indoors.

When outdoors, I have been taking my own counsel and trying to notice the beauty and expanse of the sky as part of my mindfulness practice. I have also appreciated my walks and running into animals of all sorts while taking these walks.

But I've likely spent more time indoors between recovering from being sick, catching up on work, and leisure time spent reading and listening to music. I have appreciated this time and the contrast it has offered to previous months when I was on the road more.

While indoors, I have particularly appreciated spending time in my studio again after having temporarily moved some of my equipment to the living room over the past few months as an antidote to construction noise. Needless to say, the noise has ceased and besides spending time being creative, a fun new ritual I have formed in the studio is to watch live concerts on YouTube around sunsets. It helps me stay in touch with an aspect of city life that I miss dearly - stepping out with friends for live music.



Snippets from the last few days of the month, including a quick trip to the city and back!


P.S - A reminder that this is a live post and I will keep updating it as the month progresses!


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