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Visual Journal, May 2024

Visual Journal is a new series that serves as a visual way for me to document (and share) snippets from my life. It also serves as a reminder that nothing is ordinary and that the beauty of life reveals itself despite the chaos if we slow down.


It's been a slow and restful start to the month. I took the initial week off from social media (and work) prioritizing rest, staying present, and setting intentions for the month. It helped to do this and I appreciated the sense of space it afforded.

I was also glad to be able to spend some time in my hometown. It has been nice to slow things down and be in nature over here. I lucked out and we even had some rain. The rain has followed me back to the city (a much needed respite from the summer heat.)

As I settle down in the city and make my way back to work, the big goal for the month is to share recorded and produced versions of a couple of my songs. I already shared on track on my Patreon and I am aiming to share another as well update them both on the website. Besides this, I am hoping to get back to long-form writing by sharing an essay (or two.)

As anticipated, the heat has been intensifying as the month has progressed. Per plan, I have been prioritizing time in the city (and in AC) and slowly making progress with my work and some health stuff. Since the last update, I got a long over due medical procedure done under my eye and have also been creatively active as I recover.

By now, I am quite eager to get out of the city. Although it was nice to make a couple of visits to my hometown, I would like to go the other direction and spend some time in Bombay with my friends over there. I am hope to make before the month ends.


*Please note that the write-up is structured chronologically while the visuals below are structured in reverse chronological order


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