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A selection of my best poetry, including a few from the “Poems for Daffodil” series

The weight of my soul

Just as they did with you ma,

there are many who notice

the weight of my body. 

Alas only a few who notice

the weight of my soul. 

I'm too skinny,

like you was too plump. 

Observations of grown babies,

still sucking their thumbs. 

Trials & Triumphs

Damned if we do, 
damned if we don't 

Do not allow those who were absent through your trials,

To belittle your triumphs.

Let them haters lurk,

but please don't give a fuck.

We’re all damned if we do,

and damned if we don’t. 

So do it. 

And do it with style,

do it kind.

Do it in peace,

so you can do it…

a thousand times. 

Be needed

Don't be needy,

be needed.

Don't seek to be loved,

love instead. 

I make no lofty promises

I make no lofty promises, 
but there will always be 
flowers in the vase. 
And I will be by your side 
when victory befalls you, 
and will hold you when 
your world is falling apart. 
I make no lofty promises,
but the candles shall 
keep forever burning.
And I will burn for you as well,
If you will burn for me too.

Just smile

I wish many things.

I wish there were no wars

and no lovers having to 

love from afar.

I wish we honoured

our Mothers,

especially the earth we live on.

I wish we had capacity for consideration,

for another’s trial. 

I wish we knew the difference

between fashion and style.

I wish a thousand wishes,

but none like wanting to

see you smile.

For when you do,

this burning world

feels alright. 

Chaos rendered still,

as I lay witness to my 

ultimate desire.

So babe, 

won't you 

just smile. 

Lover to the world

They trying to box me, not knowing ain’t no box that’s gonna fit. 

I’ll be a doctor for the wounded. 

A poet for the heartbroken. 

A tailor for the unclothed. 

A king for the cities,

burning of war. 

Watch me, 

as I play 


to the 


Cherish / Perish

Learn to cherish, 

or watch it perish.

Sweet yet fiery


I can be 

quite contrary.

Sweet yet fiery.

Kinda like Miss Mary. 

So, if you don't mind variety, 

come meet me at the 

secret garden.

I will take your 

load off,

when life 

has you



How do you say what cannot be said?

How do you say, what cannot be said?

How do you show, what cannot be seen?

How do you heal, what was never wounded? 

How do you give an answer, to a question never asked?

On this starless night in the valley of silence, a gush of wind whispered to me -

By being.

I paint what I paint

I've escaped from hell 

just to hold this brush.

So you'll forgive me if

my lines aren't straight,

and my curves don't bend enough.

If the color lacks vibrancy,

and the texture is plainer 

than you'd like to see. 

You will forgive me,

for of the thousand 

reasons to hold this brush,

I hold it most of all

for it saved a wretch like me. 

You will forgive me,

as I paint what I paint,

and it will be as it will be.

By my side

Winter mist, 
in your midst.
I lay my head
on your lap,
as you brush my hair.
I look up to the heavens,
and find them in your eyes.
At ease, when you are
by my side.

Image by Laila Gebhard

Poems for Daffodil

A selection of romantic poems from my collection "Poems for Daffodil"



Do you see me?

Daffodil, the sky burns for me,

But I burn for you.

Do you see me?

Bleeding across your horizon.



I wasn't burned out, 

as much as I was burning for you.

I wasn't lacking presence, 

as much as I was gripped by the absence of you.

I wasn't high on drugs, 

as much as I was high on you.

I wasn't in hell, 

but you did get me feeling damned if I don't and damned if I do. 

But don't think twice, 

lest it distract you from that someone new!

Yes, don't think twice, 

I hold the capacity to be happy for you two.

I will be alright and will keep burning,

maybe just no longer for you.

Image by Cullan Smith
Image by Oliver Hihn


No matter which way the wind blows

My dear Daffodil, the fragrance of your love stays with me, no matter which way the wind blows.


All that matters, is that we're all held

I have learned to love you from afar,

I have learned to love you, as you clutch another’s arm. 

It's easy because I never wanted you for myself. 

I only wanted to hold you, so you felt held. 

Twas once me, now it shall be somebody else.

All that matters,

is that we’re all held

Image by Toa Heftiba


Time & Space

I thought Time and Space might help.

but no matter how long it’s been,

no matter how far I go,

a part of you, touches a part of me. 

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