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Part of the magic behind travel is witnessing the similarities and differences of life. This being my first time traveling to the southern part of India, I found my awareness naturally directed towards these similarities and differences as soon as I landed. It was palpable. It could be seen. It could be heard. It could be tasted.

As I prefer to do when I am traveling, I did as much of my exploration on foot as I could. I lucked out with my hostel, which was a walkable distance from most of the places I had intended to check out. In fact, I was surprised by how small Chennai felt compared to some of the other cities of India.

This meant that I was able to see quite a few places, despite the short stay. The only place where I felt I could have used more time was The Government Museum. I also thoroughly enjoyed spending time on the beach. Watching (and hearing) the waves crash-in is possibly one of the best ways to practice being mindful. The drizzle made it even better!

I am sure to return to Chennai when I have more time on hand. Until then, here are some of my favorite shots from the trip.



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