Physical & Digital: A Hybrid Future

Lately, I have been thinking about my tech journey and how far things have come since I was growing up (the early 2000s). The digital revolution has transformed most aspects of life. From reading a book to listening to music, digital technologies have made life much easier. Even for stuff that cannot be digitally consumed (such as coffee or clothing), digital technologies have been a game-changer. On most days, it all blows my mind. That said, as likely as I am to make use of digital technologies, I still yearn for a physical connection. I feel there’s tremendous value in being able to touch and feel something.

Take books for instance. These days, I am likely to both order and read a book using digital technologies. Two key reasons for this are quicker and broader access. Another is the ability to listen to authors read their work. That said, I often end up getting a physical copy. I love the feeling of being able to pick up a favorite from the bookshelf and flip through its pages. This is especially true for visually oriented books. As for stuff that cannot be consumed digitally, I might order online more often but I also love being able to experience these products through retail experiences.

After two years of relying heavily on digital technologies to steer me through uncertain times, I am hoping for a future that fosters a hybrid coexistence between the two.


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