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The Other Side

As we absorb the world through our screens, it’s easy to misconstrue what lies on the other side. Is it real? Is it nothing? Is it something? Is it everything? What do we make of it?

I have pondered over these questions during some of the routine breaks I have been taking from social media.

As I have dwelled on this, the problem has become hard to ignore. Much like real life, it’s become easy to forget that there is a lot more to life than what meets the (digital) eye. To forget that what we present and what is presented to us, isn’t necessarily all that is.

So what can one do to be more mindful? My approach has been a two-fold one.

  1. Allowing my ‘other side’ to be seen

  2. Creating space for others to do the same

The former has demanded confronting what makes me vulnerable and then having the courage to present more of what makes me human. With the latter, what has helped is to extend this awareness outward in my interactions with a sense of patience, openness, and consideration.

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