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Déjà Vu

With the cases on the rise here again and a lockdown in place, it has all started to feel like one massive Déjà Vu.

Going through it again has felt un-nerving and exhausting. As a way to deal, I am reminding myself that although the situation around me might be eerily similar to last year, how it impacts me need not be.

I am reminding myself that this time I have the benefit of experience to guide me. To a large extent, I know what has worked for me and what hasn’t.

As I have sat with this awareness, I am trying to draw upon my lessons. For instance, a lesson I learned last year was to focus more on what is in my hands versus what is not. Another lesson I learned was to fight the urge to think and act short-term versus my natural and preferred tendency to think and act long-term.

Taking the time to identify and apply these lessons from my past has helped me tremendously. It has reduced the grip of the uncertainty that surrounds us.


Featured image used shot by Max van den Oetelaar​


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