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Held Back And Held

In these early days of March, I have spent my time reflecting on the journey we have had since the pandemic first emerged last year. As I’ve pondered over this time, a few themes have emerged. One of the emerging themes has been that of being held back and being held.

Navigating through the past year has demanded that most of us confront feelings of being held back in one form or another. In my own life, I have felt this sense of being held back both with my work as well as my personal life.

Yet, this feeling of being held back has also gradually given way to a feeling of being held. The overwhelm of what had been making me feel held back slowly took a back seat as I also discovered aspects of my life that made me feel held.

As I have sat with this realization, I have tried to mindfully direct my awareness towards what makes me feel held, moving away from what makes me feel held back.

The emergence of this theme takes me back to the tale of two wolves. Although the theme and the tale might use slightly different imagery, they offer the same wisdom:

We Are What We Feed.


*Featured image, shot by Jacek Dylag


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