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Injustice: The Systems That Beget It And Where To Find Hope

We are living through turbulent times, during which we are constantly reminded of the injustices around us. For a long and sustained time now, every dawn has unveiled a new form of injustice either in my own country or somewhere else in the world. It seems injustice surrounds us.

Recognizing And Fighting The Systems Of Injustice And Oppression

I have felt crippled by this awareness of the injustice we are surrounded by for most of the past six months. It has been tough to sit with this awareness and somehow find the strength and hope to keep pushing for change. In this time, I’ve thought a lot about justice, and the more I’ve thought about it, the more I am clear that we will not achieve true and sustained justice in this world until the systems that manufacture actions of injustice are eradicated. The way I see it, there are two types of justice – 1) justice against the action and 2) justice against the system. If we only tackle the former, injustice will manifest again sooner or later. It is only when we acknowledge and tackle both, that we can ensure that the injustice does not repeat.

Many of the systems we have in place today, perpetuate inequality within humanity. This inequality is felt and lived around the world and has robbed and devalued the very identity of millions if not billions of people. Life unfolds very differently for those that these systems benefit vs those it oppresses. It empowers the oppressor and suffocates the oppressed. It has created a self-centered world that refuses to acknowledge and celebrate its inherent oneness. It has created a world where we still see each other as separate.

Finding Hope

Living with this crushing awareness isn’t easy, but giving up also isn’t an option. What gives me hope is the wisdom that many have walked this earth before me, who had to live with this awareness as they dedicated their lives to fight the actions and systems that manufacture this injustice. Their lives of selfless service born out of compassion and love for humanity, ensure that the fire within my soul for justice does not die out.

What also gives me hope during such devastatingly trying times is the realization that more and more people are now recognizing these systems. This assures me that dawn isn’t far. It may happen during our lifetimes. Or it might take generations. But the wheels are in motion. One day these systems will be fixed or replaced by new ones that are rooted in oneness, love, and compassion. Not just for humanity, but all of creation. As for now, there is a lot of work to be done.


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