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Like Grass Fighting the Wind

As the smoke settles, I breath slowly, taking in the fresh breath of air that now engulfs me within it. It is hard to imagine that only a couple of days back I was drowning in an overwhelming pool of anxiety caused by too much noise around me and not being able to narrow down on where it was coming from and how to stop it. 

What can one do in such a situation? How does one deal with something they can't control that is taking over them? How does one deal with something that is not just external to them but is also very difficult to place a finger on? Sure, you could try and make sense of it, you could introspect, you could try and analyze the situation so that you are able to identify the source of it all. But sometimes it doesn't work. 

There is only one thing we can do in such a situation – we can practice resilience and humility. Like grass fighting the wind, we must humbly acknowledge and accept the fact that what we are facing is unknown, unseen, and bigger than us. At the same time, we must be rooted enough to resiliently hold our ground no matter how strong the wind gets, till the very end.

In life, we will encounter situations greater than us, situations we cannot control, situations we can barely make sense of. We cannot change such situations but we can change how we react (or not) to them and how they impact us. In such cases, reacting is futile because it has literally no impact on the situation. It doesn't make it better but it most certainly can add to the anxiety. Instead, we can focus our energy on harnessing and consequently sustaining our inner-peace and not letting the situation impact our groundedness - to be like grass fighting the wind.


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