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Seasons and Cycles

One of the overarching goals behind my move back home was to spend my time in deep communion with nature. I have been fortunate to live out this aspiration. In the city, time spent in nature often felt fleeting. In contrast, living here in the rural outskirts of my hometown, it has been hard to escape it. I have been truly able to immerse myself in it.

Around the time I moved, I read an essay by writer Tess Guinery. Reading it and reflecting upon the time I spent in deep communion with nature helped open me up to and align with the seasonality and cycles of life (and death). To draw inspiration from nature and recognize the impermanence of it all. To recognize that what goes up eventually comes down. That what is born eventually will die.

There is no point hustling for your creative dreams if your intuition (that still small voice) is telling you that now is a time to rest. There’s also no point in resting if momentum is circling you like the beautiful hurricane it is. What is your now?

- Excerpt from Tess Guinery's essay - What is your now?

In these initial months of the year, I have tried to apply this wisdom to my life. To pay deeper attention to my own seasons and cycles. To conserve and be patient through the tough times and downturns (of which there hasn’t been a dearth) and to be focused and energetic through the periods of growth and momentum.

After two years of conserving and practicing restraint, I feel a wild energy brewing within me. Things are coming together, often in the blink of an eye. And it’s only apt, that this shift coincides with the arrival of summer (often associated with growth)!

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