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The Road Ahead

Recently, I wrote about quitting my job and returning home. I had a few motivations that drove me to take this decision. Some were personal, while others related to the kind of work I wanted to do. Broadly speaking, the vision was to do more of what I love, around those I love, in the land I grew up in

Over the past several months, I’ve sat with myself to reach a clearer sense of what it is that I love to do and how to build my work life around it. Right from the get-go, my vision for work was focused on writing, making music, and capturing visuals. As time has passed, I’ve grown weary of the question “what kind of writing/music/visuals?”. The truth is, I just want to write, make music, and capture visuals. The only kind I care about is for it come from an authentic place and rooted in the reality I am witnessing. I like to think of it as making sense of the world through words, music, and visuals. I hope that this unique sense I make of the world we live in will touch the depths of you, as it does for me. 

During the initial months, I’ve had to remind myself that transitioning into making a living out of creative pursuits can be nerve-wracking during normal times, let alone during a global crisis. During this period, I’ve tried to be patient with myself. I’ve focused less on being productive and more on charting the specifics of my broader vision. As I’ve done this, my goal has been to be consistent with whatever I already put out and I’ve been satisfied with how I’ve faired. Each month, I’ve been able to expand upon the work I’m putting out, despite the challenges I’ve faced. 

For the road ahead, the goal now shifts from consistency to changes. These changes are rooted in the reimagined specifics of my vision. There are a few of them planned during the coming months. One of the first changes will be the unveiling of a new home on the internet for my work. As opposed to how things stand now, part of the reimagining has led me to rethink and rework my website. Looking ahead, I want my website to be a digital home for all of my work, not just my writing. Another change will relate to my writing itself. When I do write, I don’t want to be limited by the medium or length or topic or format. I do not want to worry about sticking to a niche or exploring outside it. 

I am aiming to launch the new website by mid-November, which marks the first anniversary of me quitting my job. Members/patrons will get behind the scenes (BTS) updates as the website develops as well as exclusive and early access to it. 

Before I go, I want to thank you all. These past several months have not been easy at all, but what has kept me going is the support I have received from so many of you. Thank you for seeing the value in what I do and stay tuned!


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