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When It Is Hard To Find The Words

Words (read, heard, spoken, written, and sung) help me make sense of our world. They help me understand and express all that I’m feeling in a way that serves me and others.

During these past couple of weeks, it has been hard to find the words. Part of it has to do with what I was already going through in my life. The other has to do with the rapidly intensifying situation here in India. Either way, it has felt like a constant buzzing noise, one I found myself unable to cut through.

Having come up empty when digging for words, I decided to allow myself to sit with it. To take a pause; to create space for the words to come (or not). To try to make sense of it all in silence and to let it calm my restless heart.

Sometimes the overwhelm of what we are feeling can make it hard to understand or explain it. In such times, when it is hard to find the words, we can take refuge in the restful embrace of silence.


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