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Gotta Get Dressed!

In my previous style-focused essay, I wrote about struggling with my style journey this year and what led me back to it. I had hoped to follow that essay up with a few more before the year ended. But, soon after I published that essay and exactly the week I was supposed to publish my next style-focused one, my mother passed away.

Since then, it has been hard to get much done, let alone share my style journey. This time, however, the bounce-back has been quicker.

Lately, every time I get dressed, I remind myself of all that makes me feel held about sharing my style journey. How getting dressed can feel like an act of self-care. Of resilience. How it can help me understand and express myself better. How it can help me stay in touch with the beauty and history of this world and those we share it with. And lastly, how it can keep me warm on these cold (and at times lonely) winter nights.

So, on this cold winter morning, I dust off the feelings of being held back, pour myself a hot cuppa, and whisper to myself - gotta get dressed!


Outfit details: A gifted look from head to toe. Jumper from unknown brand, basic tee in black from Decathlon, denim from 7 For all Mankind, socks from HM, and sneakers from Vans.



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