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Return To Style

In my recent essay, I touch upon the contrasting feelings of being held back and held that I have felt since the pandemic first emerged.

Style is one of the areas of life that I have felt these feelings. In those initial months of 2020, I struggled with it. Not just to write about style but to even get dressed. Part of this was related to the pandemic. The other part had to do with confronting changes in my own life. All in all, it felt strange to talk about style, and so I decided to write more around mindfulness and self-care.

But as time has passed, these feelings of being held back have given way to feelings of being held. As many have mentioned, getting dressed began to feel like an act of self-care. I gradually rekindled the deeper connection I have with my clothes. And in a world where heavy and bad news dominates, the lightness of getting dressed and sharing my style journey has begun to feel comforting again.

So, I have decided to get back to it. Interestingly, taking this time out was just what I needed. I have used it to reimagine what sharing my style journey means to me and might look like. I am excited about how it all comes together in the coming few weeks.

Stay tuned!


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