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Second Purchase Of 2020

I had been meaning to add a linen trouser/pajama to my wardrobe for quite some time now. Having moved back at the start of the year, I decided that instead of buying one ready-made, I would get one stitched from a tailor local to where I now live. Getting clothes stitched instead of buying them ready-made used to be a fairly common approach to acquiring clothes in India (arguably still is, here in the rural side), before the advent of global and local retail brands.

When I visited the tailor to ask him how much fabric I should order, he told me he had a few options for organic linen fabric in white and grey. I decided to get a pair made in grey. It felt great to get something stitched and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I had my measurement taken before having the pajamas stitched, which meant I could get the kind of fit I wanted. I was also able to customize certain functional aspects. Beyond these benefits, buying directly from the person who makes your clothes has been a powerful and intimate experience. I am reminded of the care and attention with which these pajamas were made, every time I wear them.

I had gotten the pajama stitched before the lockdown and as the months have passed, I have worn it extensively. I love its relaxed fit and the linen has indeed gotten softer through the wears. As I often have during these past few months, I’ve paired the pajama with a basic tee.


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Bentley Hale
Bentley Hale
Aug 23, 2021

Great post, thank you.

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