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Studio Tour

Ever since moving back, I have wanted to do a house tour. But navigating constant flux has meant that I am yet to properly settle in even though it’s almost been 3 years. A friend recently did a studio tour and it made me realize that although I might need a bit longer to do a house tour, I can start with the studio!

For as long as I can remember, I have yearned for a living space with a dedicated studio where I can be creative. Moving back and living here in the rural outskirts of my hometown finally afforded me that chance.

How the house (and the studio) came together has been a mystical experience in itself. Speaking specifically about the studio, I had always envisioned one with a wooden floor and it was obvious when I first saw the room - that I would be using it as a studio. Something else that I have always wanted that the studio offered is great views.

Outfitting the studio has been a slow process (made worse by shipping restrictions). I’ve tried to make the most of what I have as a way to mitigate this. What’s cool about this is that everything I wanted gradually manifested. I only purchased the restored chest of drawers (pretty much as soon as I arrived) but everything else has come to me. The desk belonged to my mother. I was at the right place at the right time to get the bookshelf.

Over the past two years, the studio has become somewhat of a reservoir for me. A sacrosanct place where I can plunge into being. As I hinted in my previous essay, it is also where I feel the presence of Goddesses, who have found their way to me and nurtured and loved me as only they can.


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