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Styled Through The Seasons, Monsoon 2022

The List

Welcome to the second iteration of my style-focused series called ‘Styled Through The Season.’ Each iteration revolves around a capsule of 30 items from my wardrobe curated for the season. Of all the seasons, the monsoon is easily my favorite. With this in mind, I had a lot of fun putting together this capsule!

I feel monsoon most demands practical attire among the seasons. There are certain monsoon-specific items, sans which I couldn’t imagine the capsule. Picking these seasonal items was the starting point for putting the capsule together. The first pick was my trusty poncho from Wildcraft. It’s great for quick strolls outdoors even when it’s raining. The next two picks were gum boots (an essential with all the muck) and a jacket. Between these three, I felt practically prepared for the rains.

The next step was to pick a few items that although not specific to the monsoon season, aligned well with it nonetheless. I added a few long-sleeved items for nippy days, including a jumper, a couple of shirts, and one of my favorite graphic tees.

As I did last time, once the capsule began to take shape I tried to add diversity using color. Most of the initial picks were basics in either black, grey, or blue. So, I began adding items, including more colors.

Here’s the final list of items in my monsoon capsule for 2022:

  1. Poncho from Wildcraft

  2. Tote from HM

  3. Gumboots

  4. Grey sneakers from DC

  5. Gifted denim from 7 For All Mankind

  6. Round neck tee in red from Koovs

  7. Blue Kurta from FabIndia

  8. Full-sleeve shirt in coral from F21

  9. White tee from Zara

  10. Cap from HM

  11. Fabric belt

  12. Black shorts from Black Coffee

  13. Beige Canvas sneakers from Skono

  14. Checked shirt from Crisp

  15. Thrifted Levi’s 501s

  16. Beige trousers from HM

  17. Black trousers from HM

  18. Beige shorts from HM

  19. Gifted Jumper

  20. Gifted v-neck tee from Mast & Harbour

  21. Thrifted Striped tee

  22. Full-sleeved graphic tee from Esprit

  23. Jacket in Navy

  24. Checked kurta from Nicobar

  25. Pastel tee from F21

  26. Grey Round neck tee

  27. Black polo tee from Boss

  28. Striped tee from American Apparel

  29. Gifted shirt in purple

  30. Wildcard


The Looks

Here are some of the initial looks I have put together using items from the capsule.


P.S - A reminder that this is a live post and I will keep updating it with more looks as the season progresses.

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