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Styled Through The Seasons, Summer 2023

I have been rather excited to put together the second summer iteration of the series. Part of the excitement has been for the chance to work with some new summer-friendly items that I added to my wardrobe recently. Another part is how it serves as a great distraction during an otherwise overwhelming period.

Anticipating a hotter and an intenser than usual summer, I gave myself ample time to mindfully put together this capsule. The big goal was to create a capsule that offered comfort, as things heat up (literally and otherwise). I started by picking items made out of lighter fabrics such as linen and cotton. All of my new purchases met this requirement and served as the starting point. This includes super comfy cotton shorts I picked up from March and white trousers from Nicobar.

The next step was to add summer staples including breathable items in linen and cotton (such as the shirt in navy from Bhane and chambray trousers from American Apparel). It also felt particularly nice to include some items (graphic tees from Reebok and Esprit) that I have had in my wardrobe since I was a teen. Wearing them again has felt like a trip down memory lane. As the capsule began taking shape, I noticed that it lacked a diverse color palette and decided to introduce more color. I added a few items in red (Kurta from Nicobar and tee from Kooovs), green (gifted mandala tee), navy, and pink.

The last phase was to select a few accessories that could help lessen the intensity of the summer. This translated into picking summer-friendly items such as canvas sneakers, sandals, and a cap.

The List

Here’s the final list of items for this year's summer capsule:

1. Chambray trousers from American Apparel

2. White trousers from Nicobar

3. Black shorts from Black Coffee

4. 501s from Levi’s

5. Navy chinos from

6. Cotton shorts in navy from March Tee

7. Cotton shorts in beige from March Tee

8. Cotton shorts in grey from March Tee

9. Linen shirt in navy from Bhane

10. Striped tee from American Apparel

11. White kurta from FabIndia

12. Striped tee in green from Esprit

13. Buttoned tee from Akira Ming

14. Iverson graphic tee from Reebok

15. Red checked kurta from Nicobar

16. Gifted mandala tee in green

17. Plain white tee from Zara

18. Buttoned tee in red from Koovs

19. Uni tee in grey

20. Graphic tee in Pink from Esprit

21. Buttoned shirt in pink

22. Linen shirt in white from Esprit

23. Round neck tee from Koovs

24. Fabric belt

25. Tote from Cafe Emmer

26. Cap in navy from Miniso

27. Deck shoes

28. Beige sneakers from Skono

29. Sandals from Birkenstock

30. Wildcard (Sneakers from Veja)

The Looks

Here are some of the initial looks I have put together using items from the capsule.


P.S. - A reminder that this is a live post and I will keep updating it with more looks as the season progresses.

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