The System Of Separation

In my essay from last year, I talk about the role that systems play in manufacturing injustice. In the time that has passed, it has become hard to ignore this truth.

Whether it is healthcare or housing, as I have taken a deeper look at the systems, I have time and again uncovered the existence of a deeper-rooted and primordial system underneath - the system of separation. Till this is true of our systems, I am certain they will keep manufacturing injustice.

Of course, this is nothing new. Since time immemorial, man has thought of himself as separate from nature. From animal. From woman. From other men.

The reality couldn’t be further from this. It is an area where science and spirituality seem to agree: the notion that despite all our varied differences, we are all deeply interconnected.

So, we have a tremendous opportunity. An opportunity to build systems that foster the reality of our interconnectedness rather than fight it. The task is monumental and one that will demand a global and generational effort.

I say this because part of the solution is to identify and put into positions of power leaders who recognize this truth about our systems and those who have the courage (and patience) to work with others to tweak or replace them. The other part is to recognize our role in fostering this separation. We can all play our part by resisting polarisation and an eye for an eye mindset.


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