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Visual Journal, November 2023

Visual Journal is a new series in which I document slow moments of joy, beauty, inspiration, and wisdom I come across in my everyday life in a dominantly visual format. My hope for the series is for it to serve as a visual way to share what is happening with me as well as serve as a reminder that nothing is ordinary and that the beauty of life reveals itself despite the chaos if we slow down.


As anticipated, it has been a hectic start to what looks like a hectic month spent finishing up critical tasks across various tracks and a considerable amount of travel. The month started with a quick day trip to the city to stock up on essentials on the 1st. Post returning, I have spent time setting intentions for the month and then staying focused as I go about actioning them. The big goal this month is to not allow the overwhelm of the succession/property stuff to interfere with my creative work - and to share more of my music and poetry besides the winter capsule.

As the month has progressed, I am reminding myself to be mindful of people or situations that are purely strategic, where I am being genuine/sincere. I am reminding myself that the antidote to this is not to ignore the people/situations or to drop the genuine/sincere approach, but perhaps learning not to forego my own strategic interests as I go about it.

After making progress with work, I decided to take a quick break joining an old friend (and some new!) for a vacation by the beach post the 23rd. The leisurely time away with friends was just what I needed and I am feeling rested, inspired and motivated to get back to work.


P.S - A reminder that this is a live post and I will keep updating it as the month progresses!


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