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Visual Journal, September 2023

Visual Journal is a new series in which I document slow moments of joy, beauty, inspiration, and wisdom I come across in my everyday life in a dominantly visual format. My hope for the series is for it to serve as a visual way to share what is happening with me as well as serve as a reminder that nothing is ordinary and that the beauty of life reveals itself despite the chaos if we slow down.


I have appreciated slowing things down through the initial days (especially through the full moon). There has been a lot of reading this month, including "Small Things Like These" by Claire Keegan through the start and 'Conference of the Birds' by Fariduddin Attar at present besides also revisiting 'Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche.

I have also appreciated being able to make quick weekend getaways to the city. Besides time relaxing with friends over food and running errands, I was excited to squeeze in a haircut during my last visit.

As the month draws out, I am planning on immersing myself into a period of solitude aimed at fostering creativity and rest leading up to my mother's death anniversary (13th Oct). The idea is to stay present and grounded through a time of the year that can bring waves of emotions.



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