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Introducing, Styled Through The Seasons

During my break from writing about style, I spent quite a lot of time reflecting on my style journey and what sharing it might mean and look like when I got back to it.

Something I kept going over was the conflict between consistently writing about style and preferring to buy a few quality items each year. This, led me to try and envision a new segment that would allow me to share my style journey without adding many items. I also felt a strong desire to share my style journey in a manner that felt honest to me, beyond trends. As time has passed, sharing a capsule for each season has felt like the most natural way to do this.

Styled Through The Seasons enables me to share my style journey in a format that works with my minimal approach to acquiring clothes, aligns with my surroundings, and fosters creativity and self-expression. Each iteration introduces a careful selection of 30 items of clothing from my wardrobe (including accessories, but excluding innerwear). One item of clothing is intentionally left reserved as a wildcard, in case I need to add something as the season progresses.

The first iteration, Summer 2022 is now live. Click here to see the initial looks.

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