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Styled Through The Seasons, Summer 2024

Welcome to the first capsule of the year for my Styled Through The Seasons capsule series. The theme behind this capsule has largely been - embracing and celebrating the new! Whether it be my new address in the city, the new additions to my wardrobe, or the new (albeit micro) changes to the structure of this series.

The new additions to my wardrobe served as a starting point for this year's summer capsule. This included some breathable trousers I picked from Nicobar while I was visiting Bombay as well as a few tee’s from MarchTee. Besides these brands, I have also been allowing myself rare purchases from brands that aren't exactly sustainable + ethical but are making some effort and more importantly have my size or an outlet nearby to try stuff on. These new additions include purchases from Muji, Lacoste, and Puma.

Post the new items, I tried to pick items with breathable fits and fabrics as a way to combat the intense summer here. I also picked quite a few items with shorter lengths (including shorts and half-sleeved shirts).

Lastly, one of the changes I am making to the series is expanding the list to 33 items instead of 30. There isn't much to the decision beyond the fact that I like the number 33 better and the extra items should only make things easier.

Here is the list and the initial looks I've shot so far.

Note - The images below are structured in reverse chronological order (newest first)

The List

  1. Cotton shorts from Muji in olive green

  2. Cotton shorts from Muji in beige

  3. Trousers from Nicobar in white

  4. Thrifted Levi’s 501’s

  5. Beige trouser from Cord

  6. Kurta trousers from Nicobar in navy

  7. Cotton shorts from MarchTee in navy

  8. Cotton shorts from MarchTee in beige

  9. Plain tee in red from MarchTee

  10. Striped tee in black from MarchTee

  11. Plain tee in powder blue from Lacoste

  12. Half-sleeved hand-me-down buttoned shirt in pink

  13. Plain tee in olive green from MarchTee

  14. Polo tee in Pink from MarchTee

  15. Gifted polo in Black from BOSS

  16. Duo-tone tee from HM

  17. Plain tee in navy from Zara

  18. Checked kurta in Red from Nicobar

  19. Buttoned tee from Koovs

  20. White shirt with golden details from Guess

  21. Half-sleeved linen shirt in navy from Bhaane

  22. Plain white tee in powder blue from MarchTee

  23. Kurta in white from FabIndia

  24. Fabric belt from MS

  25. Tote from White Crow Coffee & Book Store

  26. Cap from Miniso in beige

  27. Cap from Miniso in navy

  28. Black sneakers from Puma

  29. White sneakers from Veja

  30. Canvas deck shoes in navy

  31. Striped tee in powder blue from MarchTee

  32. Striped tee in black from MarchTee

  33. Wildcard

The Looks

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