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Styled Through The Seasons, Winter 2023

Welcome to the second winter iteration of my Styled Through The Seasons capsule series. Each iteration revolves around a capsule of 30 items from my wardrobe curated for the season.

I had hoped to share the capsule much earlier but could not get around it as I spent most of the past few weeks away from home. Luckily, I was home through the week leading up to Christmas and finally had some time to put together the capsule and shoot the looks.

As makes sense, selecting winter-specific items served as the starting point while putting together the winter capsule. This includes my favorite layers such as a shacket from Doodlage, a sweatshirt from Reebok from my teens, and my favorite jumper from HM. Post the layers, I picked a few full-sleeve items (tee’s and button-down shirts) and a new beanie from Muji.

The next step was to include some of the new purchases. Besides the beanie from Muji, I included a couple of other new items including a couple of tees from March (one gifted and the other purchased). I also included other new items that I hadn’t worn much to make it into the capsule. This includes sandals from Birkenstock that I added at the start of the year, my Veja sneakers, and a fabric belt from M&S.

Having avoided grey in the monsoon iteration— I was excited to include more than a few items in grey. Red and navy make frequent appearances besides some items in black.

The List

1. Chambray trousers from American Apparel

2. Grey shorts from MarchTee

3. Navy shorts from MarchTee

4. White cotton trousers from Nicobar

5. Relaxed fit chino’s in beige from Cord

6. Skinny denim from Evisu

7. Sweatshirt in grey from Reebok

8. Grey jumper from HM

9. Shacket in navy from Doodlage

10. Puffy jacket in navy from HM

11. Gifted jumper in purple

12. Grey beanie from Muji

13. Sneakers from Veja

14. Navy cap from Miniso

15. Black fabric belt from M&S

16. Sandals from Birkenstock

17. Navy sneakers from Vans

18. Long-sleeved graphic tee from Esprit

19. Uni tee in grey

20. White kurta from FabIndia

21. Red kurta from Nicobar

22. Striped polo tee from Nike

23. Gifted tee in powder blue from MarchTee

24. Red basic tee from MarchTee

25. Gifted shirt in red

26. White graphic tee from New Look

27. Gifted black polo tee from Boss

28. Striped tee from clothing swap

29. Black striped tee from MarchTee

30. Wildcard

The Looks

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