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Styled Through The Seasons, Monsoon 2023

Welcome to the second monsoon iteration of my Styled Through The Seasons capsule series. Each iteration revolves around a capsule of 30 items from my wardrobe curated for the season.

As you might remember, Monsoon is my favorite season and I have been super excited about its arrival and putting the capsule together. It has also been a lot of fun to have the chance to work with a few new items with this capsule.

The new items served as the starting point for putting together the capsule. One of the new items I have been most excited to style has been a button-down shirt I added during the summer from Doodlage (one of my favorite local brands!) It was a rare spontaneous purchase because I gravitated toward the pattern and colors. Besides the shirt, I also added a basic tee from March Tee in rustic red and beige trousers from Cord (both of which will replace existing items in my wardrobe). I also picked up footwear from Vans and Toms. The Vans are meant more for daily use, while the Toms purchased with the intent of being used more sparingly and in situations where I am unlikely to run into the muck (indoors or when not walking or driving).

After the new items, the next step was to explore color options that aligned both with the new items but also with the monsoon season. I have tried to build the capsule around colors that naturally occur through the season such as green, red, blue, and beige. One color that I did stay clear of is grey. This was mainly because I feel like I have overdone it in recent times needed a break.

The last step (in contrast to the ​previous year​) was to add a few items specifically for the monsoon season, including layers to protect from the rain and wind. Besides obvious choices like the gum boots and poncho you might remember from last year, I also included a gifted jumper, a jacket from HM, and my Doodlage shacket.

The List

Here’s the final list of items for this year's monsoon capsule:

  1. Tote from Blue Tokai

  2. Gum boots

  3. Sneakers in navy from Vans

  4. Beige sneakers from Converse

  5. Cap from Minis

  6. Slip-ons from Tom’s

  7. Patterned shirt from Doodlage

  8. Graphic tee from New Look

  9. Beige kurta from Nicobar

  10. Long sleeved graphic tee in navy from Esprit

  11. Southpark graphic tee

  12. Striped tee from F21

  13. Mandala tee in green

  14. Shirt in pink from F21

  15. Basic tee in rust from March Tee

  16. Patterned shirt in beige and navy

  17. Striped tee in green from Esprit

  18. Red kurta from Nicobar

  19. Tee from Koovs

  20. Beige shorts from March Tee

  21. Navy shorts from March Tee

  22. Denim from 7 For All Mankind

  23. Trousers in navy from HM

  24. White trousers from Nicobar

  25. Beige trousers from Cord

  26. Gifted patterned jumper

  27. Poncho from Wildcraft

  28. Jacket from HM

  29. Shacket from Doodlage

  30. Wildcard


The Looks


P.S - A reminder that this is a live post and I will keep updating it with more looks as the season progresses.


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